Come and experience the magic 

You are stripped bare with your forehead to the table, hearing my stilettos clack as I enter. You have seen my photos and now you will encounter me in person .  While you are below me I look down at you from well over 6 feet in my fetish shoes. I could be wearing leather, latex, exotic lingerie, or a simple dress .  You are about to enter an erotic roller-coaster
I have experience as a professional  Seductress Domme and fetish model in New York City , London , San francisco , Berlin and Los Angeles . 
A session with me might be as simple as an hour foot fetish play with sexy heels, stockings and my soft, pedicured feet, or it may be as elaborate as an outdoor kidnapping and imprisonment role play stretching into days.  I have a wide selection of toys and excel at elaborate rope bondage .
Our meeting may only be a few hours, but I will live in your head forever.
By Valerina